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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Great Legendary Hero Sher Singh Rana

Sher singh rana alias pankaj, the prime suspect in the phoolan devi assassination case who surrendered before the dehra dun police on friday, is an ambitious political activist of uttaranchal.

The two biggest achievements of Sher Singh Rana

To kill Phoolan Devi

First we will look at the life of Phoolan Devi .She was born in Mallah caste in Gorha Ka Purwa U.P (India).

From the beginning she had family dispute with his cousin Mayadin, she had some property related dispute with the Mayadin that’s why Mayaddin arranged Phoolan to marry Putti lal . According to Phoolan her husband was not of good character ( I do not know what is the definition of good character of a husband , this was her nature to always fight earlier she had problem with her cousin brother and after that with her husband ). There are proofs which states that she threatened her husband and refused to live with her .There are so much controversies related to her marriage life which is any how not related to Rajput Community .After all these thing she was again taken to his huband’s house where she fought with husband’s family and ran away .His own family have rejected her she became anti social element after doing all these thing she again came and continued her fifgt with Mayaddin (cousin brother ).I cannot understand that when her father was not interested and she was out of the family why she took Mayaddin to court for holding unlawful land .After that in 1979 Phoolan was arrested in stealing case (launched by Mayaddin) in three days of arrest she was raped and beaten by police man .All these things were done by his family and especially her brother Mayaddin . After this her family and society shunned her . Why the media is not criticising the family and the Mallah caste ?

In the same year she joined Dacoit gang .Please remember the person who was the leader was a Thakur named Baboo. I want to ask a simple after she had faced all these things what would be the character of the lady you can understand . The deputy leader of the group Vikram (caste Mallah) killed Babbo . Then Phoolan married to vikram as her second wife .Then Phoolan ransacked her husband Putti Lal and killed (by stabbing) and dragged him in the front of the villagers this was the character of Phoolan you can understand that what kind of her mentality ?After all these things she ransacked the high class villagers and kidnapping of upper caste land owners , please understand that till that date except an attempt of Rape by Babbo there was nothing which has been done by upper caste people against Phoolan for the attempt Babbo was murdered then why she was specially targeting the high caste people , Is it a crime in this country to belong to high caste .Later Shri Ram a thakur came out of jail and claimed the leadership of the gang .According to charges of Phoolan Shri Ram wants to make sexual advance towards Phoolan , I want to ask a simple question who was Phoolan Miss Universe Miss World or Miss India that every person wants (specially thakur’s) to make physical relationship with her ? Please understand that Phoolan was manipulating the facts that when Shri Ram took the charge he was specially torturing the Mallah community because there was not any incident before this that he would have done this kind of things and there is no such reason as well , as all of us are aware that what kind of character of Phoolan had it’s very hard to believe her every statement .And after that a bollywood kind of stroy framed by phoolan stating that Shri Ram killed Vikram and locked her in Behmai Village and there she was raped by many men in the Behmai villagers (not specially thakur’s) and she managed to ran away and she gathered a gang of Mallah she carried “n” numbers of robberies in north and central India mainly targeting upper caste people . I cannot understand why she was targeting upper caste people only if the answer is rape in Behmai Village there is no proof that only thakurs have participated and prirot to this she was raped in Police Station as well why did not take revenge by the Police .

After 17 month from her escape from Behmai on 14th Feb 1981 she returned back to rake avenge of her rape .Her gang came in police uniform and asked to produce the kidnappers along with all valuable things in the village .There was a thakur family preparing for wedding , the gang was not able to find kidnappers .She was able to recognise two of them who were involved in her rape and murder of Vikram .She ordered to line up all the thakur in the village and shot them . I want to ask who the hell she was to decide what punishment they should get (only talking about two ) where was law and order and impotent govt. What was the crime of rest of the Thakur’s in the village the only crime was that they were from Thakur community . The dacoit opened fire and killed 22 thakur’s of the village 20 of them were completely innocent .And the whole U.P govt system was not able to arrest Phoolan this shows how impotent the law and order is or there could be another reason that the case was related to Rajput community govt is least bothered .The media have glorified her at that time I cannot understand why ?

Two years after Behmai massacre police was not able to arrest her (the great UP police).Then our central govt (Indira Gandhi ) decieded to negotiate for her surrender it shows at that time total system failure to arrest Phoolan UP police was impotent but where was Army ? She was ready to surrender on his own terms and condition (which looks like award given to Phoolan for Behmai massacre rather than punishment )

The condition were as follows

1. Not to surrender UP police but she will surrender to MP police

2. She would not get the death penalty

3. Her gang members should not get more than eight years in jail

4. Her brother should be given a government job

5. Her father should receive a plot of land

6. Her entire family should be escorted by the police to her surrender ceremony

Lucrative kind of negotiation done by Indira Gandhi .

An unarmed police chief met her at a hiding place in the Chambal ravines. They walked their way to Bhind. The onlookers included a crowd of around 10,000 people and 300 police officer and the then chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, Mr. Arjun Singh. Three hundred police were waiting to arrest her and other members of her gang who surrendered at the same time.

Phoolan Devi was charged with 48 crimes, including thirty charges of dacoity (banditry) and kidnapping. Her trial was delayed for eleven years, which she served in the prison.Phoolan was released in 1994 0n parole . I cannot understand that our govt can be impotent what about the judiciary ? Why court didnot gave her life sentence when the charge sheet was so heavy ?

She got a train stopped at unscheduled stops to meet her acquaintances in Uttar Pradesh. The railway minister, Ram Vilas Paswan played down the train incident and ordered only a nominal enquiry. Once, she visited the Gwalior jail (where she was imprisoned) to meet her former inmates. When the jail officers didn't let her in due to the visiting hours rules, she abused them. Later, a suspension order was issued against the jail officials involved in the incident, without any explanation. This was her real character which she was not able to change till last time always shown her true color of blood .

On July 25 2001, Sher Singh Rana alias Pankaj's killed Samajwadi Party MP Phoolan Devi to avenge the killing of 20 upper caste Thakurs by Phoolan's gang on February 14, 198, in Behmai, Uttar Pradesh. Sher Singh is a Thakur and belongs to Roorkee. This person is greater than our whole system he was manage to punish a guilty when even complete system was not able to do so . We should salute him and if possible govt should award him with Param Vir Chakra (PVC) award because he have done such bravery which our whole system (Police, CBI.ARMY including all the forces ).

On 25 th there was big celebration in Behmai

a cop at the Rajpur police station, about 15 Kms from the village, had something else to say. "We could hear the boom of guns from Behmai," he said.

It was divine retribution. God punished her for her sins," was the brief and crisp remark of 50-year old Santoshi Devi, who had helplessly watched her husband Banwari begging for his life before a haughty Phoolan who refused to show any mercy. The massacre that followed earned her instant notoriety and the infamy of 'bandit queen'.

Almost each of the 12 surviving widows of Phoolan's victims shares this sentiment.

Munni Devi was barely 15 and at her parent's place after her unconsummated marriage (a tradition prevalent in parts of rural India) when she got the news of her husband Lal Singh's brutal end. She remains a widow to this day.

"She had to be repaid in the same coin," she quipped.

"We were all thrilled to hear about the manner in which Phoolan met her end. I am among those who have suffered in the 20 years that have gone by since that woman pumped bullets into my father's chest," said a 21-year old college going lad, whose widowed mother pleaded anonymity.

Another youngster who was not even born when the sensational mass murder took place was even more forthright.

"Ever since my childhood, my blood always boiled when I heard about the massacre. What is wrong if we fired guns to express our jubilation now when God has punished her?"

We can compare Rana with Udham Singh who tool the avenge the same way

Rana is to be honoured for upholding the dignity of the community as he has avenged the killing of 20 Kshatriyas by Phoolan Devi in the Behmai massacre. Rana is the new hero of community and every youth should follow his as ideal and message should be clear enough “DON’T MESS WITH RAJPUT”


Mahmud Ghazni (Mahniud Ghaznvi) came and attacked India about seventeen times between 1001-1026 A.D. Mahmud Ghazni ruled from Ghazni, a city in Afghanistan. Rajput King Prithvi Raj Chauhan, who forgave him all the time, ultimately himself was defeated and was captured by Ghazni. He made Prithvi Raj blind and he was ultimately killed. His ashes were kept in Afghanistan.

Sher Singh Rana, the prime accused in the Phoolan Devi murder case, escaped from the jail two years earlier. He had a national mission in his mind, he wanted to bring the ashes of Rajput King Prithvi Raj Chauhan back to India whose ashes were buried in Afghanistan.

Rana said he brought relics and sand from the king's grave in Ghazni and also had a memorial built in Etawah in UP. (Police in Kanpur said all that exists in the name of a memorial was a foundation stone for a temple.)

Rana told the police that got a fake passport from Ranchi and flew to Afghanistan on a student visa in early 2005 -- about 10 months after his escape from Tihar. A former D-company member Subhash Thakur, whom he had first met in Tihar jail, financed his trip. This was despite the fact that a lookout notice had been issued against him.

During his three-month stay in that country, Rana went searching for the king's "grave" -- he admitted to his interrogators he had little idea about the location. Only, he had heard that people disrespected the king's "resting place" and "that hurt" him the most.

After touring Kandahar, Kabul and Herat, he finally reached Ghazni. On the outskirts of Ghazni, at a small village called Deak, he claimed to have found the tomb of Muhammed Ghori. A few metres away lay Prithviraj Chauhan's tomb.

Rana said he convinced the locals that he had come from Pakistan to restore Ghori's tomb. On the sly, he dug Chauhan's "grave" and collected sand from it. He even got his "achievement" recorded on video.

In April 2005, he was back in India. He sent the 'ashes' through courier to Etawah and organised a function there with the help of local politicians. Rana's mother, Satwati Devi, was the chief guest.

On Tuesday, his mother hailed his son as the "pride of the country". "My son has only served this country. He brought the remains of Prithviraj Chauhan to India," she said.

The whole India should feel proud of him.

As her mother is proud of her whole country should be proud of him we should convey a message to our young generation that be like be ready punish anyone who is against our community.


  1. So, finally where is Prithviraj Chauhan's tomb?

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  3. well your article is completely based on an Appreciation of your upper class community just go through the facts and u ll come to know about the massacre done by upper class

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  8. greatjob Sher Singh Rana.Now finally Our hero prithviraj chauhan will happy.

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  10. Hi i avinash singh chauhan feel a great feeling of satisfaction for what rana has done. It isa great honour to rajput. We salute to sucha great personality who still hold the prestigue and glory of rajputs. Jai bhavani

  11. sher singh rana ko mera pranam hai.he is the man who till date carries the personality traits of real rajput . our forefathers did so much sacrifices for our country ,besides all these congress isn't giving values to their sarifices and to us they r just befooling d countrymen. All RAJPUTS lets get together and follow d principles of our brave and courageous forefathers as we have build india as d best country of world.

  12. Great job!!!!!!!!by Sher Singh Rana ji.
    Thanks A lot from Our Rajput Community.

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    It seems for you society is only a bunch of people who does not respect, does injustice with the maximum part of the indian society.

    shame on your sangh and it's motive.

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    सलाम वसुंधरा भूमि के वीर सिंह शेर सिंह राणा को

  20. ye kya hai??
    i can understand about prithvi raj chaunhan but to extoll a murder of a woman ?
    caste prem me andhe ho gaye aur facts ko twist kar diya.
    jo aurat ghulam nnahi banana chahti uske baare me bola ki ladna uska nature hai?
    shayad tum apni biwi ko bhi joote me rakhte hoge.
    poore article me prithvi raj chauhan ke baare me to kam likha hai phoolan ke baare me jyada.
    u wanted to defend phoolan's murder more than u wanted to glorify the recovery of prithvi raj's grave.
    that man is still a murderer of phoolan.
    rajputs are brave but very immature lot.
    aur aapke article ne ye prove kar diya.
    apne rajput ko hero banane ke chakkar me ,
    ek galat ko sahi thehra diya.


    phoolan par kichad uchhal kar aapne apne hi cuase ko chhota akr diya.
    there was no need to mention phoolan and justify her murder.

    hindustan koi rajputs ki bapauti nahi , jo yahan par baaki sabhi castes ki aisi taisi kar rahe ho.

    ye caste system hi hinduism ko le dooba ............... aur ye article prove karta hai ki log apni caste ko le ke pagalpan ki hadh tak, aankh hote hue bhi andhe hote hain.

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    poori public ko bewakoof samajh liya hai jo tumhare article ko padh ke vishwaas kar legi.
    tum jaise log jo ek murder ko defend kar sakte hain shayad logon pe khud atyachaar karte honge.
    apni auraton ko maar daalte ho, rajputon me sabse jada apni bachhiyon ko mitti me jinda dafnaya hai .......
    rajputon ka kaam majboor logon ki rakhsha karna hota hai aur kai mahan rajputon ne ye kaam kiya hai.
    lekin tum unme se nahi.
    i really wanted to know abotu sher singh rana and his brave act of salvaging prithvi raj's grave.
    but ur article disgusted me.

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  23. salute for this Great Rajputana warrior...

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    1. Wah devi ji u said she was MP on that time and her husband was member of parliament too on that time.she was with her body .guard on that time with arms.
      He took the revenge for those sisters,wifez and motherz who were lkilled for no reason by some mad woman.

  25. Menakshi tum ahir ho aur ahir ka dimaag ghutne me hota hai aur wo bhi 60 saal ke baad aata hai silly stupid ahir.

  26. Menakshi tum phoolan devi ki bahu ho kya kyo itna tumhe dard ho raha hai tum ekdam pagal ahir ho.
    Jai kshatriya samaj proud and pride on our great caste.

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    Jai kshatriya samaaj we are proud and pride on our great caste.

  28. Good job. But as a Rajput, I feel caste discrimination should end and we should protect and uplift Dalits.

    1. really great thought
      i appreciate this

  29. We r kshatriyas.dnt mess wth us.
    Proudy thakur's.....

  30. Haha.....keep fighting u bullshits on castism and forget that we are all common,WE ARE "HINDU"....again start fighting among each other and again these bloody Muslims and christian will rule on u ...,....because of u only bewakoofs....who fight in same religion with there brothers... are tootiyoon mardangi dikhani hi to in mullo aur Christians PR dikhao joo saale paaise Dekar poore ke poore gaaon ka dharm parivartan karwa dete hi....accept the truth and live in dear brother....if ull keep fighting it ill again lead to slavery......jai hind jai Hindu jai shri ram

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  34. In a college fest, first time saw people fighting on cast lines jaats vs gurjars, you can provoke and instigate anyone on Castelines, Rajasthan University has boys hostel in name of Caste, rajput, jaat, yadav.

    You people will never realize the moment you start identifying people with their Caste, you will lost half of beauty of this nation. Because Caste attracts prejudice... Like jaat 16*2, gurjar criminal, ahir some already said. Change your preferential system, your Indian first, thn rajasthani, thn your village.

    Sher singh Rana was a criminal, he did this Prithvi raj chouhan ashes thing just to fight election. Prithvi raj chouhan was a great leader and will remain so, whatever happen in Afghanistan is their belief system...

  35. In a college fest, first time saw people fighting on cast lines jaats vs gurjars, you can provoke and instigate anyone on Castelines, Rajasthan University has boys hostel in name of Caste, rajput, jaat, yadav.

    You people will never realize the moment you start identifying people with their Caste, you will lost half of beauty of this nation. Because Caste attracts prejudice... Like jaat 16*2, gurjar criminal, ahir some already said. Change your preferential system, your Indian first, thn rajasthani, thn your village.

    Sher singh Rana was a criminal, he did this Prithvi raj chouhan ashes thing just to fight election. Prithvi raj chouhan was a great leader and will remain so, whatever happen in Afghanistan is their belief system...

  36. In a college fest, first time saw people fighting on cast lines jaats vs gurjars, you can provoke and instigate anyone on Castelines, Rajasthan University has boys hostel in name of Caste, rajput, jaat, yadav.

    You people will never realize the moment you start identifying people with their Caste, you will lost half of beauty of this nation. Because Caste attracts prejudice... Like jaat 16*2, gurjar criminal, ahir some already said. Change your preferential system, your Indian first, thn rajasthani, thn your village.

    Sher singh Rana was a criminal, he did this Prithvi raj chouhan ashes thing just to fight election. Prithvi raj chouhan was a great leader and will remain so, whatever happen in Afghanistan is their belief system...

  37. why are you creating non there any relevance of such a fucknig story of stupidity.....Try to educate yourself, you will know the whole concept of society yourself. Rana, Tkakurs, Brahaman, Shudra, Mallah, Yadav, who are they...? They all are born equal, no one is upper and lower. whole non sence is created by brahan samaj.....My dears,,what you are claiming for, is not more that a shit.....i spit on such mentality of you people who castigated lower caste and lower class people.

  38. Jisne bhii cmmnts mein rajpooto ke baare mein negative thoughts diye hain.. abse phle unse kahungaa ki sarkaari naukri haansil krr lene ya koi target achieve krrne se aap mahaan nahi hote. Kyonkii vo aap apne khud k liye krrte ho btt jo dusro k liye apnaa khoon bahaye sahi mayane mein aese shoorviro se desh ka aur hindutwa ka maan bdhtaa h...khol ke dekho itihaas... tyaag.. samarpan..balidaan..bhaktii..shourya..veerta.. inhii saare shabdo ka bakhaan sirrf RAJPOOTO ke liye hota h.. kisi or k liye nahi

  39. Orr ek bhai ne kaha k rajpoot apne ghar mw ldkii paidaa hone prr ussey mitti mein dafna dete h.. usss murkh,bewakoof insaan se khnaa chahungaa k rajpoot culture mein ldkii ko lakshmii ka swaroop maana jata h.. or raja maharajao k samay se hi.. ldkii ki shaadi mein swayamvarr prathaa chali aa rhhi jisme ldki swayam apnaa var chuntii h.. orr ldki ka faislaa hi sarvopari hota h.. We respect girlss.. not harming them ... idiot..

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  41. I am very happy to see your work towards our Rajput community because it is right time time to flash on the light on their eyes otherwise we loose our whole battle which we are loosing day by day. Our new generation even does not know who are they and where are they belongs to. It is our prime duty to demonstrate them that Rajput word means raj putra and it is the essentiality of every young Rajput to bring glory in our Rujputana in any means. So Guys and Girls those who are reading my message, it is my humble request to you all that please make Rajputana your logo and always remember in your mind that you are first the citizen of India and than humanity and after that you belongs to Rajputana.

    Feel proud to say you are Rajput.

    Jai Rajputana

    Anoop Chauhan.

  42. I am proud for shersinh rana.aapne thik kiya .I want to join vrs.ham Aapke sath he hamare sher

  43. Mai teen char baar sher singh rana ji se jail mein mila hu ... He is a wonderful person with decent personality....

  44. good job shersingh ranaji i also want to join vrs nd we all are proud of you.

  45. good job shersingh ranaji i also want to join vrs nd we all are proud of you.

  46. listen you ma-chot, your people deserved to die at the hands of Phoolan Devi's army. your people are rapists and marauders. your people are incarnations of the devil. that you regard this man as a hero is the sickness in India that persists despite all the work that has been done by the United Nations and other member countries to help the womyn in India.

    you are a fool. an ignorant fool. may God condemn you to a life of hell and brimstone. may you rot in the flames of hell. your nirvana is polluted with your sickness and your ugly words.

    go climb a tree and jump out of it. i hope you don't survive!

  47. Great job

    The whole nation have proud to you